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J1 Summer Camp USA - Camp Low Down

Hundreds of Fabulous Camps looking for Irish Camp Counsellors

J1 Summer Camp USA

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What Is J1 Summer Camp?

It’s as American as Apple Pie. Every year over 10 million kids go to residential summer camps (unlike anything comparable in Ireland) where they live by lakes, camp fires and nature, for a life changing summer.

That’s where you come in. Camps need great leaders to work with their kids and they especially love International Staff who bring a touch of the exotic, diversity and new cultural experiences to these young campers.

There are so many things you can teach and roles you can play. You have more to offer than you even know. Its not about expertise, its about passion, people, fun and adventure.

It’s not just their lives that get transformed – your life will too.

From experience the International Staff have amazing life changing experiences that we believe (and we probably shouldn’t say but) can be even better than the regular J1!

Who Can Go?

Camp USA is open to Everyone aged between 18-30 and that includes non-students alike. You don’t need to have a particular qualification but do need to have bundles of energy and enthusiasm and be available to work from June to August.
Summer Camp USA - work and travel programme for irish students

So what role would you like?

We recommend doing what you love!
Summer camp is activity central. From Horse Riding, to Sailing, Football, Swimming, Skate Boarding, Basketball, High Ropes, Arts and Crafts …the list is endless….everything goes at camp. Whatever the activity, remember you don’t need to be an expert, it is more important that you enjoy doing it. Spend 8 weeks in the sunshine teaching what you love.

More camp activities

Earn Spending Money

….imagine from only €199, not only do you get to have an amazing summer having fun, living with friends but your Accommodation/Food is Free and at the end you can return home with up to $1500 in your back pocket or you could of course spend it travelling around the US before you return home.

Camp Friends Are Friends For life

Camp Friends Are Friends For life

Camp Friends are friends for life …..chances are you’ll also fall in love. No kidding, it happens every year. We can’t promise happy ever after but we have had a few weddings from past campers!

It’s Seriously Career Enhancing:

Not only does it look great on your c.v…U.S and many large International companies totally get the kind of person who works and participates at camp and they love to hire them. It reflects leadership skills, co-operative attitudes and ability to think laterally.

It’s Seriously Career Enhancing

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