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J1 USA - Must Dos & Don’ts! - Prohibited Jobs

The following job types are currently prohibited by the US Department of State

Jobs prohibited by the US Department of State

  • Au pairs, child carers, mother’s helper, nanny
  • Babysitter, maid or other jobs of a domestic nature in private homes
  • Childcare provider
  • Medical services (medical interns or anything involving hands-on therapy, counselling, administering treatment or making diagnoses of medical, psychiatric or psychological patients)
  • Jobs involving sustained physical contact with other people
  • Veterinary Science (making medical diagnoses or administering treatment to animals)
  • Teaching, including but not limited to Language teacher, teaching assistant, or full-fledged trained teacher
  • Coaching positions or as a Personal Trainer
  • Beauty therapy jobs including massage, hairdressing, manicurist positions or any jobs involving ‘hands-on’ therapy of any kind
  • Farmer ranch jobs
  • Camp Counsellors
  • Crew member on ship or airplanes or as pilots
  • Certain casino positions
  • Pyramid salespersons
  • Jobs involving driving a vehicle
  • Operators of pedicabs, rolling chairs, or other passenger-carrying vehicles for hire
  • Jobs in gaming/gambling
  • Jobs in manufacturing, warehouses or factories/fisheries
  • Moving companies or catalogue/oline distribution centres
  • Mall kiosks or carts
  • Jobs in modelling
  • Jobs involving controlled hazardous substances
  • Employment with a staffing agency
  • Commission-only positions
  • Jobs in the adult intertainment industry are not permitted, including but not limited to: escort services, adult book/video stores, massage parlors, strip clubs
  • Jobs requiring shifts that are predominantly between 10.00pm and 6.00am are not permitted
  • Lifeguard with a pool management company
  • Vacation home cleaning crew
  • Housekeepers, dishwashers or laundry
  • Apartment building doormen
  • Jobs with multiple sites of activity, i.e. tent setup, landscpaing, catering
  • Bouncer or security positions
  • Positions involving any advance or start-up fee to the participant or with a travelling concession business
  • Jobs identified as hazardous to youth by the US Department of Labour

From time to time the list of prohibited jobs is updated. More information is available on the CIEE Work & Travel USA website