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J1 USA - Must Dos & Don’ts!

Must Dos

& Don’ts!

Never work illegally

Find Your Own Job!

You Must Have An Approved Job Before You Go!

This is the main option we are offering for 2020 and we believe for many, it is the best option. There are thousands of Employers who hire Irish and have employed people next to you in class so get networking. The key to this is timing and being prepared.

  • Finding your own job as opposed to being placed can be the difference between having a fabulous summer where you call the shots, decide where you go and where you work, versus paying huge fees to be ring fenced into a position or location not of your choosing.
  • Be cute! Thousands of U.S businesses hire Irish Students and hundreds of students in your college have contacts with those employers who know about the J1 and love the Irish. Hunt them down!
  • That said we will be offering you a range of resources to access lists of employers so keep an eye on our website.

Important to know when job hunting…

There is a list of prohibitive jobs that the US government deems as ineligible for J1. Click here to view

J1 Accommodation

This is the next biggest challenge and again it is best to put as much effort into this search as possible before you go. If you don’t have a job with accommodation provided, you might be best to stick to the areas where you can avail of University housing.

We have access to a number of Accommodation providers who provide safe, secure and great value accommodation in student residences in Chicago, San Fransisco and New York provided by  J1Accom.Com or on the west coast.

Remember there are strict rules that must be adhered to on housing in terms of overcrowding and standards of accommodation. There are areas that are deemed prohibited due to problems on securing suitable housing for the summer period.


It might seem tempting to simply travel to the U.S. and pick up work (particularly for those who have been on a J1 before.) This is playing with fire and you are risking your future opportunities down the road, be it personally or business wise in the future. The U.S. authorities are vigilant and clamping down. It’s simply not worth it!