1. The program fees shall be as published on https://www.workandtravel.ie/j1/j1-packages/

High Way Package €589 

J1 With Flights Option “High Way” Package:

After March 13th bookings made are not covered by Insurance/otherwise for cancellation in the event of COVID -19 Travel Ban


Flight Refunds will be made based on Airline Policy at the Time

Flight dates and restrictions are changeable and out of our hands. Currently no flights allowed prior to May 11th and this may change. Workandtravel.ie are not responsible for costs incurred as a result of these time restrictions.


Regular Price €589


1. Application Deposit

99 €

Due at time of booking

2. Second Payment


Due within 7 Days of booking

3. Third Payment

€50 Flight Deposit

Due within 7 days of Booking

4.Balance Due

3rd Party Fees

Flight Balance

As they fall due by ticketing deadline. 3rd party fees as they fall due


Applicants who chose the limited offer J1 €589 with Flight “High Way” Option agree to:

  • A deposit of €99 is due at time of booking. This is non-refundable
  • pay the 2nd payment of €240 within 7days. This is non-refundable.
  • provide other supporting documents (proof of student status, copy of valid passport) within 14 days of applying
  • Pay Flight Deposit of €50 within 7 days of booking to hold best value and flexible flight
  • Get Your Job Offer in no later than 2 weeks after applying
  • Pay balance of all programme fees, flights and third-party fees as they fall due by the embassy/airline or by the date your flight ticket is issued. Note embassy and Sevis fees must be paid as they fall due ie upon processing of DS2019, attendance at embassy interview etc regardless of all other timelines


You can transfer to the non-flight program until 3 days after payment of deposit and pay the balance of the Full Priced Non Flight option (€739) in full at time of transfer.

Rules of the “With Flights” offer;

  1. Non adherence to the above will mean that your booking is incomplete and cannot be processed. No refunds will be given.
  2. All job offers must be submitted within 2 weeks. Failure to adhere to these deadlines, will result in delays to your booking and jepoardise your ability to participate on the program. Workandtravel.ie are in no way responsible or liable for any costs incurred as a result. 
  3. Deadlines for job offers beyond 2 weeks can be imposed at any time and should you not have met the deadline, you may be cancelled from the program. No refunds will be given in this case.
  4. Applicants on the “With Flights/High Way” Package must book their return flights with workandtravel.ie. Applicants who are on the “High Way” package and book their flights elsewhere will be in violation of this program agreement and will face termination from the program as well as being charged any outstanding fees.
  5. After the €250 is paid, applicants will be contacted to reserve their flight to the appropriate destination. Flights are flexible and designed for participation on the J1 program and you cannot confirm your flight until a job offer is submitted. Changes are permitted subject to availability and airline terms and conditions. Prices rise the later you book. As per airline rules, Fares are not guaranteed and are subject to change until payment of fare is made in full and tickets are issued.
  6. Changes to Flights booked with Workandtravel.ie are subject to availability, airline terms and conditions/ fare and/or tax differences.

€739 offer – This is a very limited offer

J1 Without Flights Option / “My Way” Package:



Regular Price €739


1. Application Deposit

99 €

Due at time of booking

2. Second Payment

640 €

Due within 7 Days of booking

4. Final Payment

3rd Party Fees

As they fall due. Failure to pay will prevent processing


Applicants who chose the Limited (Book Your Own Flights) “My Way” for €739 agree to;

  • pay a deposit of €99. This is non-refundable
  • pay the 2nd payment of €639 within 14 days. This is non-refundable
  • provide other supporting documents (proof of student status, valid passport, etc.) within 14 days of applying.
  • Job offer to be submitted within 2 weeks of booking.
  • Submit flight details within 14 days of booking.
  • Payment of third party fees payable when they fall due by third parties ie Sevis as DS is being issued, embassy fee prior to/at embassy interview etc €190

Rules of the “Without Flights” Offer

  1. Non adherence to the above will mean that your booking is incomplete and cannot be processed. No refunds will be given.
  2. All job offers must be submitted within 2 weeks. Failure to adhere to these deadlines, will result in delays to your booking and jepoardise your ability to participate on the program. Workandtravel.ie are in no way responsible or liable for any costs incurred as a result. 
  3. Deadlines for job offers beyond 2 weeks can be imposed at any time and should you not have met the deadline, you may be cancelled from the program. No refunds will be given in this case.
  4. Evidence of all flight details must be submitted to workandtravel.ie within 14 days of booking and in advance of submission of docs to sponsor for issuance of DS2019. Note outbound flight dates cannot commence prior to May 11th and this is subject to change by the U.S Government . APPLICANTS ARE AWARE THAT THEY CANNOT ENTER THE US PRIOR TO THIS DATE. Applicants who have booked their flights elsewhere acknowledge that it is entirely their responsibility to ensure this is the case and workandtravel.ie cannot be held liable for any costs made due to errors in this regard.
  5. Changes in your flights must be submitted to Workandtravel.ie and failure to do so could invalidate your place on the programme.

Applicants on both programmes are subject to the following terms:

  1. Applicants acknowledge that non-payment of the programe fee within 14 days forfeits their spring special discount. If after 14 days no payment is made and participants still wish to continue on the J1 then, subject to availability, they will be permitted to continue by paying the regular programme and insurance fees.
  2. Workandtravel.ie/sponsor insurance is mandatory on this program.
  3. Applicants are advised to submit details of job offers as soon as possible as places are limited and delays in submitting this information may jeopardize the applicants place on the program.
  4. All job offers must be submitted within 2 weeks of booking or you may lose your place on the programme. We reserve the right to withdraw and cancel your application after this deadline without refund.
  5. Applicants acknowledge that their DS-2019 form will not be issued until their job details have been submitted to, and approved by their US Sponsor.
  6. Applicants acknowledge that participating on this program will incur additional third-party costs for services completed by third parties. Workandtravel.ie may facilitate the collection of certain fees on behalf of the third party such as Embassy Fees. Failure to attend interview or changing of date may incur a change fee. Fees are set at the discretion of the third party and may vary through the year. Applicants agree to pay these charges as they arise, failure to do so may lead to termination of their program. These fees may include (but are not limited to);
    • SEVIS Fee €35
    • Postage €15
    • US Embassy Appointment fee €160
  1. Pay in Full deadline for all applicants with monies owed on elements outside of those mentioned above is March 28th. After this date no refunds can be given.
  2. All applicants acknowledge that Workandtravel.ie/Sponsor will only deal with myself the applicant and not a third party (or family/friend). If an applicant ( or family member) insists on acting on the applicants behalf, Workandtravel.ie will only consider such requests on written evidence grounds of temporary incapacity on behalf of the applicant and reserves the right to cancel the applicant from the program on the basis of not being deemed a suitable fit for the program. Refunds not permitted.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. Deposit Only Paid – €100 non-refundable
  2. 2nd Payment of €489/639 non-refundable
  3. With Flights/Highway Option - Flight Deposit €150 non-refundable (subsequent cancellation fees before ticketing deadline subject to Airline Terms and conditions)


  1. At the time of application, student’s aged 18-28 must be enrolled in and actively pursuing a degree of a full-time course of study at a foreign ministerial recognized post-secondary academic institution.
  2. The definition of academic institutions excludes institutions that offer primarily vocational or technical programs. Students enrolled in primarily technical or vocational institutions will not be allowed to participate on the program.
  3. An Applicants’ course must be at least FETAC level 6 or higher. If their course is a FETAC level 6 course, it must;
  • Be at least 2 years in duration
  • Have the potential to carry on to a degree course
  1. Applicants must provide a letter from your college confirming this.
  2. If an applicant cannot convince the US Embassy at the time of interview that they are returning home to continue studying towards a degree, they may be rejected immediately and lose their right to refund.
  3. If an applicant has been previously terminated from a previous J1 program, they are not eligible to apply for another.
  4. Applicants currently studying for a masters must meet the following requirements;
  • The course must be full-time
  • The course must be classroom based
  • The applicant must have gone straight from their undergrad course into their post-graduate course, any gaps between the two renders an applicant ineligible.


  1. Students are responsible for securing an appropriate J1 summer Job in advance to arrival (see below and check our website) as a condition of the programme. As the programme has a limited allocation of places, failure to have a job submitted by Feb 28th may result in loss of place on the programme and loss of fees paid. Workandtravel.ie is not responsible for delays or monies paid or incurred should you lose your place due to failure to submit or delays in submitting your job offer


  1. The position offered must be seasonal. Employment is of seasonal nature when the position is tied to a certain time of year by an event or pattern and requires labour levels above and beyond existing worker levels.
  2. The position offered must provide opportunities to work alongside and interact regularly with US citizens. Applicants are expected to experience US culture during both the workday portion of their J1 program as well as outside of work.
  3. The position offered must not displace domestic US workers
  4. The position offered must provide pay and benefits commensurate with those offered to their similarly situated US counterparts and pay eligible applicants for overtime worked in accordance with applicable State or Federal Law
  5. The location must contain suitable, affordable housing and reliable, affordable and convenient transportation to and from work. 


  1. Our US Sponsor is pleased to accept applicants who have already sourced their own job for their J1.
  2. The job must be vetted and approved by the US Sponsor before any paperwork can be issued (DS 2019).
  3. All jobs for the J1 program, self-placed or not, must
  • Not displace American workers
  • Provide a safe location and work environment
  • Be close to safe and affordable housing
  • Be in areas with seasonal tourism
  • Be in areas where applicants will have frequent contact with Americans
  • Be in areas where applicants will have the opportunity to pursue cultural activities in their free time
  • Offer applicants 32-40 hours of work per week.


  1. The program allows applicants, who are Bona Fide Students, to enter the US as non-resident exchange visitors to work and travel for up to four months during the Summer period. The country location of the applicant’s college will dictate the exact maximum start and end dates that each applicant can work. 
  2. By participating on the J1 program, applicants are bound by all new program regulations and eligibility criteria that may be introduced at any time and without notice. Workandtravel.ie, the US Sponsor and the US Embassy reserve the right to cancel participation on this program (without refund) if applicants do not meet the eligibility criteria or fail to abide by the terms and conditions of the program including (but not limited to) SEVIS compliance, monthly monitoring surveys and employment vetting.
  3. All jobs, including initial, replacement and additional jobs, must be vetted and approved by the US Sponsor prior to work commencing. Applicants understand that the US Sponsor will contact their prospective employer to verify employment details. The US Sponsor reserves the right to deny any job according to the current and/or anticipated rules, regulations and intent of the J1 visa.
  4. Applicants should not accept a position if they cannot commit to the specified time period requirements of the employer.
  5. Applicants are responsible for checking the details of the contract of employment, to research availability of suitable housing and ensure that they are satisfied with the conditions laid out in the employment contract. Workandtravel.ie and their US Sponsor are not liable for any issues that may arise on matters deemed to the responsibility of the applicant.
  6. Applicants with pre-placed jobs are expected to report to the site of activity listed on their DS-2019 form. Failure to report to your pre-approved job and make a good faith effort to work at the position and honour your work commitment may result un program termination.
  7. Applicants must contact their US Sponsor before making any change of employment. 
  8. Applicants who wish to change jobs or to accept additional jobs must inform the US Sponsor and wait for them to vet and approve the job prior to beginning work. Applicants must give their current employer at least 2 weeks’ notice.
  9. If the applicant does not arrive as previously scheduled with the employer and the dates printed on the DS-2019 form, the job offer may be revoked by the employer.
  10. If an applicant leaves their employment without notifying the US Sponsor, or begins employment without the prior approval of the US Sponsor, the US Sponsor reserves the right to revoke their legal sponsorship, which will result in the termination of their program and their legal right to remain in the US.
  11. Applicants on the J1 are required to maintain constant communication with their employer prior to arrival, notify them in advance of their arrival and departure dates and advise them of  any changes to their travel itinerary due to any unforeseen circumstances which may include delays in the visa process. 
  12. Applicants are aware that employers cannot guarantee hours if there is unexpected bad weather that affects tourist activity, acts of terrorism, or other factors beyond the US Sponsor’s control. Some jobs have uncertain start dates and hours of work, and employment may become unavailable. Any cost due to a delay in starting employment is the responsibility of the applicant. Applicants must be able to support themselves in the US until they get their first pay-check and/or in the event of reduced working hours.
  13. Applicants cannot hold workandtravel.ie or the US Sponsor liable for any expenses incurred if for any reason they have not started work by the agreed date due to delays in obtaining their Social Security Number. 
  14. Applicants are considered legal adults and are solely responsible for their own conduct and wellbeing both in and out of work. Applicants have agreed to the Terms and Conditions of participation on the program. 
  15. Alongside the program agreement, applicants agree to follow all federal, state and local laws and regulation of the US while participating on the J1 Program. Applicants are subject to fines, arrest and possible deportation for breaking laws and cannot hold workandtravel.ie or the US sponsor liable for their actions that lead to these measures. 
  16. Workandtravel.ie and the US Sponsor are not responsible for the contract of employment between the applicant and any employer regardless of whether the position was sourced by the applicant directly or through assistance provided. This also extends to any issues between the employer and the applicant that may develop. Applicants are advised to contact the US Sponsor should they require any assistance with resolving an employment issue. 
  17. For jobs sourced through the US Sponsor under no circumstances are job positions guaranteed. The position offered does not constitute a binding contract that the job will be available when the applicant arrives. 
  18. Applicants agree to make every effort to secure employment and not to delay. Applicants agree to keep workandtravel.ie and their US Sponsor informed of their job searching progress, and to meet deadlines set by workandtravel.ie.
  19. Applicants acknowledge that this is a limited allocation program and that failure to meet the deadlines set by workandtravel.ie may lead to termination of their program. Workandtravel.ie cannot be held responsible for delays in submitting required information and applicants acknowledge that any monies paid to the program will be deemed non-refundable should they lose their place due to failure to meet set deadlines. 
  20. The US Sponsor retains the right to cancel a job offer even after a DS-2019 has been issues and the applicant has been to the US Embassy if circumstances have been found to show that the US employer deceived the US Sponsor in any way prior, during or after the US State Department sanctioned vetting process. In this circumstance the US Sponsor will make a reasonable effort to assist the applicant in finding another position. The US Sponsor cannot guarantee that any new position will be in the same geographical location or offer the same salary as the original position. However, the US Sponsor makes no guarantee in respect to being able to provide an alternative. Any costs due to cancellation or delay with sourcing an alternative job is the responsibility of the applicant. 
  21. In the case of a change to employment or of premature termination of employment, or if the employment is terminated before the end of the program for any reason, or if the applicant decides to return home early. No fees will be refunded. 
  22. If the applicant’s employment ends before the legal working dates listed on the DS-2019 for any reason it is the applicant’s responsibility to inform the US Sponsors’ US office and get approval for any new position/job/employment with a new employer.
  23. From time to time Workandtravel.ie may offer a Job Placement Option of suitable jobs for a fee and these will be governed by separate terms and conditions. Workandtravel.ie is not a contracted party to any job between a J1 applicant and the employer and simply facilitates the screening and matching of employer and applicant. 
  24. If an applicant accepts a position either sourced independently or with the US sponsor/workandtravel.ie assistance, and pays the full program fee, then chooses to cancel the contract with the employer before travel, the program fee and all program elements will be non-refundable.
  25. All Workandtravel.ie applicants are obligated to be familiar with  the “prohibited jobs” and “prohibited regions” found here and on our website www.workandtravel.ie and ensure they are aware they cannot undertake employment in any of these locations/sectors whilst on a J1 program. A section of these can be found at the end of this agreement.
  26. All applicants on the J1 program must provide details of their intended accommodation in the US prior to departure. If you do not have accommodation, please contact workandtravel.ie to discuss options.
  27. Failure to abide by the terms and conditions of the program may result in cancellation from the program or delays in your desired departure date.


  1. The US Department of State has deemed certain areas unsuitable to get a J1 job. They are;
  • Hawaii (allowed on job placement only)
  • Iowa
  • Key West & Miami, Florida
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Maryland (inland)
  • Mason, Ohio
  • Nebraska
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • North Dakota
  • Pennsylvania
  1. A comprehensive list of Zip Codes allowed on the J1 can be found here; https://batchgeo.com/map/IEXregions.
  2. You acknowledge that being in these approved areas does not guarantee that a job offer will be approved.


  1. The Department of State recommends that applicants only work with employers who identify safe, suitable and affordable housing.
  2. To be considered safe, housing must, at a minimum, meet all applicable local laws and regulations, including with respect to ventilation, utilities and occupancy rates. Transportation must be reliable, affordable and convenient between applicants’ residences and worksites.
  3. Due to housing difficulties, J1 applicants who plan on staying in the following areas must have either permanent or temporary accommodation arranged in order to have their DS-2019/work paper approved by the US Sponsor
  • Cape Cod
  • Long Island
  • Myrtle Beach
  • New Jersey
  • Rhode Island
  • Virginia Beach 
  1. A comprehensive list can be found here;


  1. There is a restricted list of jobs that applicants are not permitted to work at while on the J1 program. You may not work:
  • In positions that could bring notoriety or disrepute to the Exchange Visitor Program
  • In sales positions where applicants are required to purchase inventory that they must then sell in order to support themselves
  • In domestic help positions in private homes
  • As pedicab or rolling chair operators
  • As operators of vehicles for which drivers’ licenses are required, regardless of whether they carry passengers or not
  • In positions related to clinical care that involve patient contact
  • In any position in the adult entertainment industry
  • In positions where working hours fall predominantly between 10pm and 6am
  • In positions declared hazardous to youth by the Secretary of Labour at Subpart E of 29 CFR part 570
  • In positions that require sustained physical contact with other people and/or adherence to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention’s Universal Blood and Body Fluid Precautions guidelines
  • In positions that are substantially commission-based and thus do not guarantee that applicants will be paid minimum wage in accordance with federal and state standards
  • In positions involved in gaming and gambling that include direct participation in wagering and/or betting
  • In positions on chemical pest control, warehousing, catalogue/online order distribution centres
  • In positions with travelling fairs or itinerant concessionaires
  • In positions for which there is another specific J1 Visa category
  • In positions in the North American Industry Classification System’s (NAICS) Goods-Producing Industries occupational categories industry sectors 11, 21, 23, 31-33 numbers including but not limited to;
    • Construction (includes specialty trade contractors)
    • Mining (includes oil and gas extraction, support activities for mining)
    • Manufacturing (food, textile, apparel, wood product, printing)
    • Natural resources (crop production, animal production, fishing, support activities for agriculture and forestry) 
  • Positions that employ the applicant as a mover or in any position where the primary work duty is the movement of household or office goods
  • Positions through employment/staffing agencies
  • Positions in kiosks or cart stands at malls
  • Positions in home-based businesses
  • Positions in warehouses/factories
  • Administrative positions that handle sensitive/personal information
  • Positions as an independent contractor
  • Positions in fisheries
  • Positions in door-to-door sales or canvassing
  • Positions in industrial style/scale service sector (jobs involving assembly lines, repetitive movement, use of heavy machinery, use of industrial size steamers/pressers and dryers, use of industrial chemicals, factory like atmosphere)
  • Positions at single-guard pools
  • Positions that involve the use of deli slicers
  • Positions that are not compensated hourly
  • Positions with employers who hire J1 applicants for 3 seasons
  • Positions in waste management, janitorial or custodial positions
  • In locations where telephone and internet communication is not accessible
  1. If a large city is submitted as a potential place of employment, the following must be demonstrated;
  • The job is seasonal/temporary in nature
  • The employer has reasonably attempted to hire locals for the season and the placement will not displace US workers
  • There is access to suitable, affordable and safe housing


  1. Applicants are advised to search for housing as soon as possible as they are required to supply their address to their US Sponsor for their SEVIS. Applicants cannot hold workandtravel.ie or their US Sponsor liable in the case that they are unable to find suitable housing.
  2. Applicants are advised to have a rental agreement with their landlord which includes information about rent, security deposits, process for returning the security deposit, utilities and all other important details.
  3. Applicants acknowledge that all property damage is their sole responsibility and that they must contact their landlord directly in regard to this. Workandtravel.ie and the US Sponsor cannot be held liable for any costs that are incurred due to an applicant causing property damage.
  4. Applicants acknowledge that in signing a lease they are making a financial commitment to the landlord, and that in the event they move out early they may be liable for some or all of the unpaid rent. Applicants cannot hold workandtravel.ie or the US Sponsor liable for any costs that are incurred due to an applicant not fulfilling their lease agreement


  1. Insurance is mandatory for all applicants on the program and is provided as part of the total program fee.
  2. Applicants must guarantee the following;
  • They are not aware of any reason why their program could be cancelled or curtailed
  • They are not aware of any medical condition which could result in a claim
  • Where they are undergoing medical treatment as a hospital out-patient at the due date of the final program fee;
  • a “Certificate of Fitness” confirming their ability to travel and partake in the program is required
  • Where they have received treatment as a hospital in-patient or out-patient during the 6 months prior to their date of booking onto the program (payment of deposit);
  • must obtain medical advice on partaking in the program
  • They are not receiving or awaiting treatment as a hospital in-patient;
  • If an applicant is awaiting treatment as a hospital in-patient, any claim that arises directly or indirectly from this treatment will not be covered
  • They are not travelling;
  • against the advice of a medical practitioner
  • to obtain medical treatment
  • where a terminal prognosis has been given
  1. Applicants must notify the insurance company if any of the reasons listed above arise between the date the policy is issued and the day their program begins (day of departure from Ireland).
  2. Insurance must be issued before applicants sit any exams that have an impact on their final grade, otherwise the “Exam Failure” cover will be considered null and void (full detail are available in the applicant’s insurance policy document).
  3. Applicants accept that no claim arising directly, or indirectly, from a pre-existing medical condition will be covered unless that condition has been declared to the underwriters and accepted by them.
  4. The insurers must be informed of any fact which is likely to influence the insurers in the acceptance, assessment or continuation of an applicant’s insurance. Failure to do so may invalidate an applicant’s insurance leaving them with no right to make a claim.
  5. Applicant’s require adequate travel insurance for their entire duration of stay in the US. Should an applicant stay longer than initially specified it is their responsibility to extend their insurance. Failure to do so will result in termination from the program.
  6. Applicant’s acknowledge that under the US Government’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), their Insurance provider and US Sponsor are restricted in their access to an applicant’s medical information or records in the event that an applicant has an accident in the US. Applicant’s agree to a Privacy and Confidentiality Release by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions to allow their insurance provider and US Sponsor to assist to the fullest extent possible with any insurance-related issues.
  7. Applicants are aware that they may be subject to the requirements of the Affordable Care Act 
  8. Your insurance policy/certificate is issued once payment in full including flights has been made. If on the My way option, your insurance certificate is issued after all payments in full are made and evidence of your flights have been submitted to Work And Travel .
  9. Your insurance policy is not activated until your certificate has been issued.
  10. Bookings made after March 13th are not covered for cancellation/curtailment in the event of COVID -19 travel ban (following Government warning against travel). 


  1. Applicants understand that only fully completed and correct applications, passport copies and completed questionnaire along with the relevant paid in full program fees will be accepted.
  2. Applicants confirm that they are full-time students pursuing a university degree in their home country.
  3. Applicants confirm that the passport information provided is correct, and that if any details are changed, they will notify workandtravel.ie and their US Sponsor immediately.
  4. Applicants agree that if a DS-2019 is printed incorrectly due to misinformation provided that they must pay a reprint fee of €100 plus courier fees for a replacement.
  5. Applicants agree to have $1000 minimum that they will bring to the US that will be used to support themselves for the first month. Applicants acknowledge that this is the minimum amount and are advised to bring at least $1500.
  6. Applicants acknowledge that the wages they earn might not cover all of their living expenses and they may require additional personal funds. Applicants agree to fill out the Budget Worksheet, which helps calculate estimated income and expenses.
  7. Applicants will inform wokandtravel.ie and their US Sponsor immediately if their planned date of entry to the US changes. Applicants acknowledge that a change in arrival dates may require a change in their DS-2019 and if applicable, applicants agree to pay associated fees involved in reprinting the DS-2019.
  8. Applicants acknowledge that should they cancel from the program, they agree to notify workandtravel.ie and their US Sponsor and to return their DS-2019 no later than the end date specified on the DS-2019.
  9. Applicants on their first J-1 Program agree to attend a mandatory pre-departure orientation.
  10. Applicants acknowledge that their US Sponsor issues their DS-2019 and is responsible for the program operation.
  11. Applicants acknowledge that their US Sponsor is responsible for providing support services whilst in the US, and that any problems or questions that arise during participation of the program are to be raised with them.
  12. Applicants acknowledge that workandtravel.ie reserve the right to close the program at any time or to cancel an applicant’s position on the program should a situation arise where this is necessary.
  13. Applicants agree to behave ethically and responsibly whilst participating on the program. Applicants agree to follow the rules set in these terms and conditions, as well as all local, state and federal laws while in the US. Applicants acknowledge that their DS-2019 and insurance can be cancelled at any time if they behave in a way that violates any of these rules or is considered to be unethical.
  14. Applicants acknowledge that they are responsible for all travel, personal or incidental expenses related to the program and otherwise.
  15. Applicants are aware that in the chance that they are arrested, their US Sponsor will provide advice and support but any and all legal fees are the responsibility of the applicant.
  16. Applicants acknowledge that if their program is cancelled or terminated, they lose their permission to work and their insurance coverage is cancelled. Applicants understand that they will have to leave the US immediately.
  17. Workandtravel.ie and their US Sponsor cannot guarantee that applicants will not experience challenges or difficulties; these may be temporary or may require applicants to return to their home country. Such problems may include (but are not limited to) job loss, program cancellation, housing problems or Social Security related problems. The US Sponsor will make reasonable efforts to assist applicants but cannot guarantee a positive outcome.
  18. Applicants agree to monitor their account and email weekly.
  19. Applicants agree to check all travel documentation once they receive it and should any of it be incorrect must notify workandtravel.ie immediately.
  20. New Program Regulations and eligibility criteria may be introduced at any time and all applicants agree to be bound by such. Typically, such changes arise following a directive from the relevant U.S Government Department and are outside of the control of workandtravel.ie
  21. Travel to the Tijuana Metropolitan area in Mexico (including Rosario) is strictly prohibited in all circumstances. Travel to this area will result in the immediate termination of the applicant from the program and future participation in any US sponsored program will be prohibited (e.g. summer camp, Internship, Grad visa, PCT etc.)
  22. Workandtravel.ie advises all applicants to begin looking for accommodation as soon as possible and is in no way responsible for applicants who fail to find accommodation before travelling. 


  1. Applicants will “Validate” (provide accurate details of their American residential address, phone number and email address – even if temporary) as soon as possible, but no later than 5 days after their arrival in the US or 30 days after the start date in Section 3 of their DS-2019 form, whichever arrives first.
  2. Applicants acknowledge that they may be unable to obtain a Social Security number unless they are validated, and should they fail to do so their program may be terminated which will end their DS-2019 and insurance.
  3. Applicants understand that they will receive monthly correspondence from their US Sponsor and that they will complete all required surveys and evaluations. Failure to do so may result in program termination.
  4. Applicants acknowledge that their US Sponsor must provide SEVIS with their current address, telephone number, and email and that they must update workandtravel.ie when this information changes. Failure to do so and incorrect details provided to SEVIS may lead to program termination.
  5. Applicants acknowledge that their J-1 Visa cannot be extended. By agreeing to these terms and conditions applicants declare that they have no intent of staying in the US after the final date allowed by this program.
  6. Applicants acknowledge that they may remain in the US for up to 30 days after the program end date on their DS-2019 form, however the local US Embassy may require them to return prior to this date. Applicants agree to discuss this with workandtravel.ie
  7. Applicants acknowledge that insurance is mandatory and is provided by workandtravel.ie for the duration of their stay in the US, as part of their total fees.
  8. By agreeing to these terms and conditions applicants declare that they know of no reason why they may be refused a visa. If an applicant suspects that they may have problems they will have disclosed this, in writing, to workandtravel.ie.
  9. If a visa is refused for reasons that have been undisclosed, no refund will be given to applicants.