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How we can help you today?

Summer of a lifetime

Work and Travel for up to 5 months in The USA.


J1 Straight UP

Places are very limited and you will need to have a job confirmed within 7 days of applying.

Sooo please only apply when you are confident that you can show proof of an appropriate J1 job within 7 working days of applying.

And Yes Everyone Has to Have a Job pre-arranged which requires effort and we will have a number of Job Placements available from €199 HOWEVER you can always OPT for our Fabulous Summer Camp USA Programme (its amazing, it costs less overall and you can get yourself hired on January at our Hiring Fair )

…ask us for more details cos you have an in Excess of 95% chance of getting hired on our Summer Camp USA programme….

Why Book with

Only provider to Offer:

  • Choice between a J1 With Flight or Without Flight
  • The lowest priced J1 hands down plus
  • Check Out Options on Transferring To our Summer Camp USA Option ( which is superb value, less hassle and gives you a +95% chance of getting Hired)
  • No Sneaky Stuff! What is you see is what you get

We Have the Best Flights available

  • Flexible flights with free date changes
  • Pay in instalments
  • Best priced flights to the US

And yeah you just might find a cheaper flight on line flying via the north pole (though unlikely next March!) but it won’t have the flexibility of our flights which are designed for this programme. But hey, if you are happy to take the risk of leaving this until everything else is sorted, that’s ok too……

Just Choose the “Book Your Own Flight” (J1 “My Way”)

J1 Every Which Way is Here!

Places are limited so get cracking
and avail of these offers while they last!

Cut through the NOISE and Book with the BEST!

The lowest priced J1
The lowest priced J1 hands down plus
Fully flexible
The Only provider to give you the option of Booking either a fabulous flexible student fare with us OR book your own flight!
Safety and Security
The Safety and Security of booking with a financially stable business that won’t let you down …Covid or otherwise!
if you cannot go because of Covid…
with our on line easy pay system
for just $199 which is entirely optional – you are free to source your own!
…if you find the J1 is not for you!
designed specifically for these programmes (Including Exam failure)