Internship - Practical Career Training

Practical Career Training USA


No longer eligible for THE 12 Month Grad Visa (IWT)? or perhaps you don’t have a degree but have 5 years relevant experience in your chosen field of training?

Then this program could be for you!

Practical Career Training USA (PCT)

  • The PCT program is available year round to candidates who are interested in pursuing 6-18 months practical career training in the US. You can work in any state on an approved training program in a range of categories such as
  • Information Media and Communications;​
  • Management, Business, Commerce and Finance;
  • Public Administration and Law; and​
  • The Sciences, Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, and Industrial Occupations

The Practical Career Training Program allows you to train in the USA for 6-18 months on a J1 category visa in order to obtain practical experience and instruction in a field which is related to your degree or your present field of employement.

The applicant must find an employer willing to offer a Training Program for which Sponsorship will be provided via

Program Eligibility:

Irish passport holder

  • Have you Graduated over a year ago with a minimum of 1 year valuable work experience in your field of study or chosen career/field of training?


  • Maybe you have not been to college but can demonstrate 5 years of work experience, outside of the US, in the same field as the training program (e.g business/management /commerce/engineering etc)
  • Have sufficient funds to cover expenses until you receive your first stipend ( $1500-2000)
  • The Intent to pursue the field of training as a long term career
  • Have a training position already arranged

If you meet these requirements please contact us by email on and we will get your application started.

Program Fees:

  • Please contact us for fee details which vary dependant upon duration
  • Deposit of €299 is due at time of application
  • Appropriate Insurance for the duration is mandatory
  • 3rd party fees of Sevis and US embassy fees apply which are separate to the Prog Fee

Not Included In costs:

  • Flights not included but can be purchased from
  • You are responsible for all living expenses and accommodation costs whist in the USA.