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Internship - How to Apply

Internship USA

How To Apply

You can apply at any time of year HOWEVER processing takes 7-8 weeks minimum so make sure you plan for this time when applying. Expedited requests can carry additional costs from your U.S sponsor

How To Apply

Step 1

Secure your Intern/Trainee Position

Step 2

We need to assess the eligibility/suitability of both you and your Intern/Trainee Position. To do this you must fill out the attached application form and submit with the required supporting documentation to

Step 3

We will conduct an over the phone interview with you and hold your flight.

Step 4

We will give you access to the DS7002 Training plan which needs to be completed by your employer.

Step 5

Your US sponsor will process your application and confirm suitability for the program. If your application is approved, your work papers will be processed for issuing after which your

Step 6

Embassy Interview can be arranged at the US Consulate in Dublin/Belfast.