Internship USA


Internship USA is an opportunity designed for students who have secured an Internship Placement with a U.S. company in advance of arriving in the U.S. It is an ideal vehicle for students who need to or wish to complete work experience in their field of study. This experience can be gained as part of your current degree program, during a summer or as a recent graduate (who has completed their studies within 12 months)

Why Do It?

  • Experience of working with companies in the U.S is considered a huge plus for emerging graduates and gives you an edge and kickstart to your career.
  • This opportunity allows you to expand Your Horizons both professionally and personally by forging relationships and building networks and friendships for life.
  • Apart from that there are way too many positives to list about living and working in the US for up to a year!

How Long Can You Do It For?

Up to 12 months with 30 days to travel before or after your internship placement.