Everything You Need To Know About Visa’s

Whilst everyone is hoping to get a holiday in 2021, Students hoping to work abroad have a different set of concerns as the window for availing of processing and working is limited.

The situation is evolving but here is how we see the current situation :

J1 2021

Firstly, is there a visa ban in place?

Whilst the Trump administration did suspend all visa processing and extended it until March, it was in effect meaningless as an injunction to over turn the Executive Order was achieved before the end of last year. In addition the Biden Administration is expected to reverse such orders without delay. So you can tick a visa ban off the list of worries on this one.

U.S. Embassy Interviews 

In line with level 5 restrictions the Embassy is currently closed and even in the worst case scenario is likely to open with the rest of the economy by the end of March/April which is the time when interviews for J1 /Camp etc tend to commence in earnest.


With vaccinations ramping up both here and in the U.S. travel corridors look set to recommence before the start of the J1 travel period. A negative Covid test will be required however.

Getting a job

If you have any notion of availing of a J1, you really need to get on top of the job situation sooner than later…taking a wait and see approach could mean that the opportunity opens up but you are unable to secure an approved job at the last minute. So if a J1 is something you really want to do, apply and get booked onto the programme and get going on the job front.

In the unlikely event that you cannot avail of the J1 due to COVID restrictions a refund will be given. However, if the programme goes ahead but you chose to not go due to personal choice or concerns about COVID then you will not get a full refund. Our insurance policy covers you should you fall ill in the U.S and if Covid is the illness you contract it is treated like any medical reason.

Summer Camp USA 2021

If there is one area we are certain will reopen during the Summer it is Summer camps ( which seems hard to fathom as it involves groups of kids sharing accommodation) but remember this cohort is deemed least risky and camps are key to U.S parents being able to work in the summer. It is invariably considered essential in the U.S.

Camp is a fabulous way to gain experience working in a safe setting whilst spending your days doing what you love be it coaching football/ sports, basketball , on the lake running water sports, photography, arts and crafts ( there is something for everyone).

We have hundreds of camps crying out for fabulous Irish Counsellors who stand out for their wit, charm and all round good character.

Its exceptionally good value as a programme, you have no outgoings whilst there as food accommodation all taken off and you come home with in excess of 1600 – 2500 US dollars at the end.

You need to get your details in front of the Hiring Directors so again we would urge you to get your application in sooner than later…travel is throughout June and you must be able to stay for 8 weeks.

12 Month Grad Programme

As you have 12 months from date of Graduation to avail of this opportunity 2021 final years have time on their side but so too do graduates in 2020 who mainly graduated from September 2020 so these folks should be good to go on a 12 month in 2021. HOWEVER it is a long process and places are limited so we would urge you to book onto this programme even if you depart at the end of the year or next year.

Australia ….not looking great for 2021 as borders remain closed but Canada looks more achievable and we will keep you posted on this front