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Camp Canada - Eligibility / Requirements

Camp Counsellor Canada


– The Person

  • 18 + years old – remember you don’t need to be a student!
  • Love working with Kids
  • Bundles of Energy
  • Passionate, outgoing, enjoy life , love people and if you have a skill or interest in the following
  • Sports (any sport); Arts/crafts, outdoor activities/ Childcare /working with kids

Types of Camp:


Similar to the traditional US camps, this is the quintessential camp with full range of activities and programmes from rock climbing , quad biking, sailing to toasting marshmallows over the camp fire
Something for everyone.

Speciality Camp

Like traditional camps but with a focus on certain activities such as Gymnastics Camp/ Soccer Camp/ Basketball camp etc


Like the traditional camps, these camps provide opportunities for children from lower income families who otherwise would not get to avail of the wonderful experience of summer camp. These camps have a wonderful sense of community and family.

Scout Camps

Ever been in the scouts or girl guides? Then you will love our scout camps. We are talking wilderness, adventure and outdoor living with activities including kayaking, mountaineering and overnight expeditions.

Special Needs

One of the most rewarding experiences for the right person. It requires warm caring individuals who have lots of patience, love to communicate and have an attitude of giving. Previous experience is a plus but by no means essential. Typically you would be responsible for 2-6 campers and also be prepared to work with adults in addition to kids.

Faith Based

You don’t have to be religious to work at a faith camp! You simply need respect and understanding for other people’s beliefs as we send to a number of faith based camps from a Christian /Jewish background. Regular activities coincide with faith based learning and services for the kids.


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