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About us

About Us

We are passionate about providing Work Abroad opportunities that give people a means of truly experiencing life elsewhere . These experiences are life changing and are the building blocks for positive international human relations.

We at are disrupters or “upstarts” as your Irish Mammy would say. We are partnered with the largest travel company in Ireland (WTC) to give you the best of both worlds…seriously good programmes at the most affordable prices. We promise to keep it simple, truly affordable and to never lose sight of what matters most to you – Ease and Price.

Why Book With Us?

Why Not? We offer superb programmes at lower prices. And we won’t make you buy stuff you don’t want. We won’t promise you freebies to hook you in, only to cream it on the Flights and Insurance. Now you can buy your dream work abroad adventure for less. We believe these amazing programmes should be accessible to as many eligible people as possible.





Work& are partnered with Pro-Scout3.

Pro-Scout3 are recruiting players from Ireland and abroad to help those to wish to play football and study for a degree in the US.

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